Neutral Removable Wallpaper

Neutral Removable Wallpaper

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt at ease? Like you could take a deep breath and relax? Often it’s the colors that set this tone. Neutral wallpaper can create an ambiance of tranquility in any room.

Unlike bold prints or bright colors, neutral wallpaper blends into the background. But don’t let its subtle nature fool you. This unassuming decor packs a powerful design punch. Keep reading to learn why neutral removable wallpaper may be the perfect choice to refresh your home.

Selecting Neutral Removable Wallpapers

Find Your Perfect Neutral Tone

Neutral wallpaper comes in a spectrum of understated shades like cream, beige, taupe, grey, sand, and stone. Within these hues lie even more variations. For example, greys can veer cool, warm, greenish, or bluish.

While all neutrals go with almost everything, consider the existing decor and architecture when selecting a shade. For instance, greys complement modern spaces while creams feel cozy and traditional. Darker neutrals like charcoal can open up small rooms. Lighter tones like stone make broad walls feel less imposing.

Subtle Doesn’t Mean Boring

Just because it’s neutral doesn’t mean the wallpaper has to be solid or flat. Today’s neutral wallpaper spans a range of subtle patterns that add depth without distracting:

  • Textural neutrals like woven, linen, or rattan
  • Tonal geometric prints
  • Abstract shapes
  • Organic motifs like foliage
  • Minimally adorned damask or foulard

A textured neutral wallpaper can lend a room visual interest without competing. Save bold graphic prints for accent walls.

Benefits of a Neutral Backdrop

A neutral wallpapered wall serves as a flexible backdrop. This allows you to layer in pops of color that can easily be changed out when you tire of them.

Neutral wallpaper helps small rooms feel more spacious by receding from the eye. Large rooms feel cozier enveloped in an intimate neutral shade.

Finally, neutral wallpaper sets a peaceful mood, perfect for bedrooms and baths. Its Zen-like ambiance will help you relax and unwind.

Application Tips and Tricks

Installing wallpaper takes more finesse than painting. But you can DIY neutral removable wallpaper with proper preparation and patience. Here are some tips to make it look professionally applied:

Prep Your Walls

As with painting, wallpapering begins with an immaculate wall surface:

  • Remove old wallpaper and residual adhesive
  • Fill holes, dents, and cracks
  • Sand bumps for a smooth finish
  • Prime walls so paper adheres evenly
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Proper prep prevents seams or edges from lifting later on.

Measure Twice, Hang Once

After prepping, take detailed measurements of each wall. Account for windows, doors, and electrical outlets. Leave an extra 2-3 inches on all sides to be safe.

Next, determine the number of rolls needed based on the wallpaper width and your wall dimensions. Having too little is frustrating, so round up.

Mind the Overlap

One rookie mistake is not overlapping adjoining strips enough. Wallpaper edges must overlap by 1-2 inches to keep seams from separating. Don’t be shy about overlap. No one will know it’s double layered underneath.

Smooth It Out

Use a handheld vinyl smoother to press down the wallpaper as you go, eliminating air bubbles and creases. Avoid overworking a single section to prevent ripping.

For stubborn wrinkles, use a heat gun. Just be cautious not to scorch or melt the wallpaper.

Hiring a pro? Ask for references and check reviews to ensure beautiful results.

Neutral Wallpapers for Specific Rooms

While neutral wallpaper works everywhere, some rooms call for certain styles:

Living Room

For a living room, try a subtle tone-on-tone print like a basketweave or striped grasscloth. The texture adds cozy dimension without taking over.

Soften a sterile, modern living room with creamy neutrals. Charcoal greys nicely ground an airy, contemporary space.


Bedrooms beg for relaxing neutrals like warm sand, blush, dove grey or taupe. Distressed wood slat prints in moody greys or blacks create a cozy, worn-in feeling.

Try painting the ceiling and trim the same neutral. Enveloping walls, ceiling and trim unifies the space.


Kitchen wallpaper must withstand moisture, stains, and cleaning. Scrubbable, vinyl-coated neutrals work best. Wipeable finishes allow vigorous scrubbing.

For a cottage kitchen, try a subtle floral or check print in creams and sage greens. In sleek, modern kitchens, graphic black and white patterns pop against cabinetry.


Like kitchens, bathrooms demand moisture-resistant wallpaper. Vinyl-coated papers withstand splashes and condensation.

Natural textures like woven seagrass, bamboo, or rattan bring the spa home. Metallic sheens add glamour to your morning routine.


While bold juvenile prints tempt, neutral nursery wallpaper will outgrow the baby stage. Try a subtle pattern like dancing woodland creatures or snowflakes in fawns, taupes or dove greys.

Once your little one transitions to a “big kid” room, these soothing neutrals still fit in.

Home Office

An office feels more productive with focused neutrals. If working from home, avoid overly distracting patterns.

Herringbone, chevrons, or subtle damasks in grey or cream blend in without disappearing. They keep the mood professional but warm.

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Creative Uses of Neutral Wallpapers

Looking for unique ways to feature neutral wallpaper? Get inspired by these creative applications:

Dramatic Accent Walls

Neutral wallpaper creates stunning accent walls behind beds, dressers, media consoles, or bookshelves. Contrast strong patterns like modern geometrics with plain painted walls for maximum drama.

Using removable wallpaper? Refresh your accent wall whenever the mood strikes.

Polished Closets

Line closets and tame messy wardrobes by covering walls in wipeable, vinyl-coated neutrals. Whimsical patterns like feathers or leaves add hidden fun.

Add organizational hooks, rods, and shelves over the wallpaper to complete your dream closet.

Welcoming Entryways

Make the first impression a lasting one. Use neutral wallpaper to elevate a boring entryway. Try abstract prints, tone-on-tone stripes, or distressed textures.

Install a bench or hooks under your statement entryway wall. Add a place to sit and store hats, bags, and shoes.

Faux Architectural Details

Removable wallpaper lets you achieve built-in elements like shiplap, molding, or wainscoting affordably. Use neutral faux finishes to add interest without closing in a room.

Outdated Backsplashes

Is your outdated laminate or 4×4 tile backsplash getting you down? Refresh it in a day by applying neutral wallpaper over the top. Pick a durable, wipeable print.

When you eventually renovate, the wallpaper peels off easily.

Popular Neutral Wallpaper Brands

Looking for quality neutral wallpaper? Consider these top brands:


Known for modern removable wallpaper, Tempaper offers an edited collection of neutral textures and prints. Their palettes stay current and patterns skew minimalist.

Chasing Paper

This direct-to-consumer brand focuses on whimsical, nature-inspired prints. Find subtle neutral patterns along with bold and edgy designs.


With a wide range of styles, NuWallpaper makes high-quality neutral wallpaper accessible. Browse traditional damasks, Moroccan tiles, geometrics, and more.

Peruse brand websites to view collections. Order samples of your top choices to view IRL. Can’t decide? Consult independent designers on Etsy who can create custom neutral wallpaper.

Maintaining Neutral Wallpaper

Neutral wallpaper isn’t indestructible. But with proper care, it can look freshly applied for years. Here are some tips:

  • Gently wipe soil or smudges using a soft, clean cloth with mild cleaner
  • Small tears or holes can be patched with wallpaper seam adhesive
  • Replace sections that become extensively damaged rather than over-repairing
  • Store extra rolls properly in case future repairs are needed

With extra care, your neutral wallpaper will stand the test of time and use.


Neutral wallpaper offers an easy and affordable way to revive your rooms. A thoughtful selection considers how light, room use, and existing elements interact with potential shades.

While neutral hues blend in, don’t shy away from subtle prints and textures that add depth. Mind installation best practices for seamless results.

Neutral wallpaper provides a flexible, soothing backdrop that allows other elements to shine. Tranquil yet interesting, it just might be the perfect finish to help you breathe new life into your home.

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