What Size Rug To Put Under Queen Bed

What Size Rug To Put Under Queen Bed

Have you ever agonized over what size rug would look best under your queen-sized bed? Believe me, I’ve been there! Finding the perfect area rug to anchor your bedroom can be a decor dilemma, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through all the factors to consider when choosing a rug size for a queen bed. We’ll look at bed dimensions, bedroom size, rug placement options, recommended lengths and widths, as well as handy size charts.

By the end, you’ll be a pro at picking the ideal rug dimensions to pull your whole bedroom together. Let’s dive in!

Queen Bed Dimensions – Standard vs Non-Standard

The first thing to understand is that not all queen beds are created equal. There’s actually a standard queen size and a few non-standard queen sizes to be aware of.

The dimensions for a standard queen bed are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. This is the most common queen size and what most bedding and rug sizes are designed around.

However, some queen beds have non-standard extended dimensions. For instance, an Olympic queen bed is wider at 66 inches while a California queen bed is longer at 84 inches.

There are also split queen beds which are made up of two twin XL mattresses side-by-side. Make sure to measure your actual bed frame to know precisely what size you’re working with.

The dimensions of your specific queen mattress will impact the minimum rug size needed. If you have an oversized bed, you’ll likely need a larger rug to allow sufficient clearance around the sides.

Bedroom Size and Layout Considerations

Naturally, the size and layout of your bedroom itself is a huge factor in area rug dimensions.

Most bedrooms should be at least 10 x 12 feet to comfortably fit a queen bed. Smaller rooms may require some creative arranging and compromise on rug coverage.

Take into account whether you have nightstands on one or both sides of the bed. Using just one nightstand frees up room for a more narrow rug. Some small rooms work best with no nightstands at all.

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Also think about other bedroom furniture like a bench, ottoman or dresser at the foot of your bed. Leave enough rug space in front to avoid a stubbed toe!

In terms of placement, area rugs usually run perpendicular to the bed so the length runs alongside the width of the bed. This allows the rug to frame the bed for a polished put-together look.

Rug Placement Fundamentals

When it comes to placing a rug under a queen bed, you generally have three options:

1. Anchor the Rug Under the Bed and Nightstands

For a seamless wall-to-wall carpet effect, choose an area rug wide enough to tuck under both nightstands and reach the wall behind them. A rug that’s around 8-9 feet wide provides full coverage on all sides.

2. Position the Rug In Front of the Nightstands

If your rug isn’t quite wide enough to anchor under the nightstands, simply place it in front of them instead. Make sure there’s at least 18 inches of clearance from the sides of the bedframe.

3. Start the Rug in the Middle of the Bed Frame

To allow extra foot room, start the rug mid-bed and extend it a couple feet past the foot of the bedframe. This can work well with a bench or dresser at the end of the bed.

Aside from rectangular rugs, round rugs can make an eclectic statement when centered partly under the bed. For a budget option, try using a runner alongside the bed rather than underneath.

Determining Proper Rug Length

Now that we’ve covered placement, let’s get into specifics on ideal rug length and width.

Since a standard queen bed is 60 inches wide, plan for at least 18 inches of clearance on either side. That means your rug should be at least 8 feet long at a minimum.

Of course, you can always go longer for more walking room alongside the bed. An extra 12-24 inches can make a big comfort difference.

For non-standard wider queen beds like an Olympic queen, add the extra width to your minimum length. For example, a 66 inch wide bed would need a 9 foot long rug at a minimum.

If you want the rug to extend a couple feet past the foot of the bed, add that desired amount to the total length as well.

Determining Proper Rug Width

When it comes to rug width, the goal is symmetry. You want the rug to align evenly with your nightstands without any awkward gaps or overlaps.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Using just 1 nightstand – 5 to 6 foot width
  • No nightstands – 5 feet is fine
  • Anchor under 2 nightstands – 8 to 9 foot width
  • In front of nightstands – 5 to 7 feet
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Wider rugs work best in larger rooms where you have space to anchor them wall-to-wall under the bed and furniture. Make sure to measure the full span you want to cover.

The takeaway is scale your rug width to match your existing layout. An even border around the room edges pulls the whole space together.

Recommended Rug Sizes for Queen Beds

Now let’s get into specifics on which standard rug sizes typically work best under a queen bed depending on your goals and bedroom dimensions:

4×6 Rug

  • A 4×6 rug is too small for a queen bed on its own. You’d need to use two 4×6 rugs side-by-side, which takes up more floor space than one larger rug.

5×7 Rug

  • A 5×7 rug can work for very small rooms with minimal furnishings like a bed, single nightstand and no bench at the foot.

5×8 Rug

  • A 5×8 rug allows for one nightstand while providing enough length thanks to the 8 foot dimension. Place in front of nightstand.

6×9 Rug

  • A 6×9 is a great default size for most standard 10×12 bedrooms with a queen bed and nightstands. Provides a nice border around bed.

7×10 Rug

  • A 7×10 rug gives you ample length and width for generous clearance around the bed in a master bedroom.

8×10 Rug

  • An 8×10 rug can anchor a bed and nightstands in a larger bedroom or be placed partially under the bed for foot room.

9×12 Rug

  • A 9×12 rug anchors the bed and nightstands with room to spare. Ideal for oversized bedrooms.

As for round rugs, a 5 to 6 foot diameter rug provides versatility for small bedrooms. Size up as bedroom space allows.

Runners come in convenient lengths like 6, 8 or 10 feet. Use them flanking a bed in a narrow room for a streamlined look.

Queen Bed Rug Size Recommendations

Bedroom Size Rug Size Placement
Small 5×7 No nightstands
Small 5×8 In front of nightstands
Standard 6×9 Under bed + nightstands
Large 7×10 Under bed + nightstands
Oversized 8×10 Anchor under bed & nightstands or 1/4 down from head of bed
Oversized 9×12 Anchor bed & nightstands

This covers the most common rug size options for queen beds! Now let’s briefly touch on choosing the perfect rug style.

Shopping for the Perfect Rug

Beyond dimensions, consider material, color, and pattern based on your bedroom style. Feel free to browse in-store to get a sense of sizes.

Many retailers also have flexible return timelines while you decide. Ultimately, a properly sized rug pulls your queen bedroom together, so don’t compromise on fit.

Closing Thoughts

With this complete guide under your belt, you should have all the info you need to pick the winning area rug size for your queen bed.

Remember to measure your exact bed frame, account for foot traffic zones, and scale the width for symmetry. Taking a few quick measurements now means enjoying your cozy new rug for years to come!

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